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Alexandre ALLAIN Senior CG Artist
Experienced award winning animator, Alex has worked on many projects for over 7 years now. Able to give a great realism to a complex facial animation, or an incredible sense of life to quadriped creatures or even animate dynamic cartoons, he also acquired solid skills in previse through various challenging projects. As a member of the Visual Effect Society he uses to do his best to promote the image and renown of the CG Art.
As a creature & character animator he always shows a critical and demanding eye on projects,makes a good translation of customers requests, has an advanced level of expertise in Maya and a great ability to "exalt" characters and creatures. Having also a strong work ethic with good communication and interpersonal skills he always shows a great willingness to interact in a team and encourage to share best practices .
Alex is convinced that the status as an artist gives more than others the responsibility to respect human values, living beings and cultures. Among his various social actions he was engaged as a sea rescuer.
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